Aruba Port Facilities

Barcadera Port Dimensions

Berthing Line 440 meters, 300 meters of Gantry Crane Rails
Bollards 1000 Kn every 26 meters
1 x Mooring Dolphin on East Side, 2 x Breasting Dolphin on West Side
Quay Depth 11 meters (Barquito Area: 2.5 meters)
Containers Area +/- 90.000 m2 with further expansion capacity
Bulk Area +/- 8.000 m2. including a third party conveyor belt operated for aggregates and third party manifold for cement, gas/lpg and liquid fuels.

Berth Line Detail Barcadera Port – Future Situation

Terminal Facilities

Reefer details

Port equipment

PANAMAX Size, SWL 40 Tons under spreader.


LIEBHERR Mobile Crane
SWL up to 104 Tons under hook. Spreader for containers and Over-height spreader.

SpreaderOverheight ContainerSpreader

Reach Stackers
4xSWL Stacking height up to 5 -containers high, max lifting capacity 45 Tons.


Flexi And Terminal Chassis (5 Terberg, 1 Sisu Flexi Trucks / 12 Buiscars and 4 Maffi’s 40FT Container capacity)

mafi Platform truck

ForkLifts Empty Handler
2, 4, 6, 12 Ton.

mtyhand2 mtyhand1 mtyhand3

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